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Handmade Turkish Floor Lamps to Elevate Room Decor

At Jarri Lights, we feature a full line of Turkish mosaic floor lamps. These handmade light fixtures can elevate the look and feel of any room counterpoint to other decor elements. You can just place it where you want to eliminate the need to add another table. They are often used for decorative purposes. With a range like Mosaic and Moroccan floor lamps, we help you change the whole mood of your living area.
  • Turkish mosaic floor lamps create a beautiful and serene atmosphere, making it way more than a simple reading floor lamp
  • Turkish Moroccan floor lamps are the perfect light fixtures when you want a warm and calming light.
We have a wide variety of Turkish floor lamps in different styles and designs, making them the most sought-after piece of decor for every homeowner. The metalwork in each handmade piece will not discolour or rust. Each globe of this floor lamp is 14cm in diameter, and the floor lamp height is 177 cm tall. Browse through our website to check out our artistic lamp collection. Contact us today

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