Tiffany Floor Lamps

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Tiffany Floor Lamps - A Wonderful Gifting Option

Tiffany floor lamps are an evergreen choice within the world of home lighting because they are magnificent objects to place homes or commercial spaces. Created by Louis Comfort Tiffany, they are a versatile light source with the beauty of fine art, and speak more about the taste and refinement of their owner. Tiffany floor lamps are a type of lamp with a glass shade design. But the glass in the Tiffany lampshades is put together with the copper foil technique instead of lead, a splendid technique for stained glass windows. Due to Tiffany's dominant influence on style, stained glass floor lamps are also called Tiffany lamps or Tiffany style lamps. If you’re planning to think of a gift for a family member or close friend, the Tiffany lamp, with its practicality, light distribution and versatility, can make it the perfect present. Combining handmade stained glass shades with an antique Bronze colour base will enhance the indoor space, whether in the bedroom, living room, study, office, or entrance. We have you covered if you want a Tiffany Torchiere or Uplighter floor lamp. Browse through our website to check out our artistic lamp collection. Contact us today
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