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Use Moroccan Lights for a Warm & Cosy Ambience

Made out of tinted stained glass and rustic brass or wrought iron metalwork, these traditional-looking Moroccan hanging lamps and lighting have been around Morocco for centuries. Wealthy Moroccans used to hang them from the doorways of palaces to show their status. With much in demand in recent times, Jarri Lights brings you Moroccan Pendant Lights and lampshades for home decor.

Where can you place Moroccan lights?

Mainly intended to make a place feel warm and cosy, these Morrocan Lights are designed to hold candles or tea lights. 

If you have an outdoor area at home, it is clever to place your lights in the corners of your terrace to obtain a warm and friendly atmosphere. Summer evenings can easily give a Moroccan vibe. Likewise, it’s always nice to have a subtle atmosphere in the living room for watching TV or simply spending time with the family on the sofa. In that case, choosing Moroccan multicolour lights would be the perfect solution.

Since these Moroccan lamps create a pleasant ambiance, it does not mean that you cannot simultaneously have a light that is bright and functional. Most Moroccan-style fixtures conceal the bulb behind lattice, pinholes, or coloured glass. Thus, you must choose bulbs that are soft white, and warm.

Given such noteworthy use of Moroccan Lights, if you need an extraordinary range of  Moroccan lights and want to purchase them online, Contact us today.

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